A Very Brexit Musical To Play Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Students from the University Of Cambridge will present A Very Brexit Musical by Molly Cook and Anthony Gray at the Edinburgh Fringe.

A Very Brexit Musical Edinburgh Fringe

Following its successful 4-star run in Cambridge last November, A Very Brexit Musical is back and bigger (albeit 10 minutes shorter!) than ever. Students from the University of Cambridge will present this all-singing, all-dancing political extravaganza for its debut Fringe run this August.

A Very Brexit Musical follows the story of a newly qualified journalist, who gets his first big break writing for the Maily Dail just as the biggest upset in British politics is about to occur. Not only does he have to navigate a crazy political landscape, but also has to cope with his fearsome editor during the many twists and turns of the referendum campaigns. The musical explores Cavid Dameron’s ill-fated decision to hold a referendum in the first instance, alongside Joris Bohnson’s childish grasp for power in supporting the leave campaign. Does anyone come out as a winner? Our original musical comedy, written by Molly Cook and Anthony Gray, weaves patriotic anthems and political satire to shape the touching interactions of our torn protagonist, as we ultimately comment on media representations of politics and the everyday lives of politicians!

The idea for A Very Brexit Musical was conjured up by writers, Molly Cook and Anthony Gray, on the way home from a concert in Cambridge in early 2017. They had both been involved with another musical at the time and had discussed how amazing it would be to write, and subsequently direct, a musical that no one had any prior conceptions of. In this sense, all characters, music and dances could be interpreted with new eyes, providing a fresh and unpredictable theatrical experience for audiences. The show was a massive success in Cambridge, and attracted audiences of 150+ for each of its 3 evening performances.  Despite being a musical comedy, the show makes reflective points about media portrayals of political figures and events in order to raise questions about the reliability of political representations and how they can influence decisions, such as Brexit. Following the colour and flamboyance of the 1 hour act, the musical closes poignantly with David Dimbleby’s Brexit announcement to ground the piece in reality.

A Very Brexit Musical will be presented from 2 – 26th August 2018 at La Belle Angele Just The Tonic at 5pm as part of the Edinburgh Fringe 2018


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