Robert Lindsay stars in The Three Musketeers a new online comedy

Last Updated on 26th March 2021

Robert Lindsay to star in The Three Musketeers – a brand new online comedy performed by FoolHardy Theatre from 15 – 20 June 2021.

Three Musketeers online

The classic tale of The Three Musketeers is brought to you by the inconceivable, unimaginable and fantastical FoolHardy Theatre… a company with questionable theatrical training, no experience and no taste. What could possibly go wrong?

The Three Musketeers streaming passes can now be now booked online.

FoolHardy is a London-based production company run by producers and creatives Sydney Stevenson and Matthew Curnier.  They have worked as actors, writers, and producers across a range of media including both the stage and screen.

FoolHardy was born out of a combined love of comedy and farce. The duo that is Stevenson and Curnier met whilst working on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and were instantly connected by their passion for making audiences laugh. They began to write together, forming a partnership dedicated to one ideal; creating memorable comedy shows that delight audiences across the country.

Audio and animation are brought together in this swashbuckling adventure. With The Three Musketeers, you can expect sword fights, deception, and a right royal romance as we take you back to the regal splendour of 17th century France in this exciting, madcap comedy.

The Three Musketeers is a new online farce written by Sydney Stevenson and starring Robert Lindsay. The show will be available online from 15 – 20 June 2021

A percentage of profits will also be donated to the Royal Theatrical Fund.

Tickets to watch The Three Musketeers online are now on sale.


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