Our Rating System Explained

Since the inception of BritishTheatre.com, we’ve been awarding star ratings for each of our reviews and to be as transparent as possible we wanted to explain our ratings system so that our readers could get an instant idea of how our star ratings relating to the show we are reviewing.  It’s tricky trying to compare a big West End production with an Off West-End production but we do our best.

Our Star Rating explained 5 – A Brilliant Show
This is a production that we would recommend to anyone who visits our site. Outstanding value for money.

4 – A Great Show
There is no doubt in our minds that you would enjoy this production. It’s not quite perfect but we could easily recommend this to our readers and be sure that you would have a great night in the theatre. Great value for money.

3 – A Good Show
Worth seeing purely because it’s live theatre. If a show falls anywhere within or above this rating you can be assured of a great night in the theatre. Lives up to expectations.

2 – A Below Average Production
Not as good as it should be. There are some interesting moments but it’s not quite up to scratch. Not great value for money.

1 – A Poor Production
Not something that we’d recommend. Could do better is an understatement.

0 – Don’t Bother
There are far better shows out there and you shouldn’t waste your time on this one. You’ve been warned.

On one or two occasions in the past we have issued 6 star ratings for productions we found to be exceptional. These ratings are no longer being issued.

Of course, all of the rating mentioned above are the opinions of BritishTheatre.com and it’s reviewers. We see a lot of theatre so we try to give un-biased and fair reviews of the theatre we see.

There will of course be times when you agree with us, and other times when you will vehemently disagree with us. We have provided various mechanisms on the website where you can comment about your own feelings about shows or the experiences you have had in the theatre. These mechanisms are moderated, so please take the following into account:-

PLEASE be civil. Make your point politely, succinctly and directly

PLEASE be polite. No personal attacks. We welcome criticism not nasty personal comments.

To leave your comments please visit our Disqus moderation system at the bottom of each post or review. Your comment will be moderated and then posted at regular intervals.

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