Starting A Theatre Company From Scratch – Episode 2

Last Updated on 2nd September 2018

Helena Payne discusses the formation of Pleasure Dome Theatre Company in Exmoor

Helena Payne is starting out on an awfully big adventure to start a theatre company. We asked her to document her journey.

Episode 2: Computer says No!

Well who knew the internet would catch on? After dropping out of ICT GCSE (because I was completely inept and convinced all electrical machinery hated me as much as I hate it) I have had to make my peace. It turns out the internet is your friend and if you want to start any sort of company you better get well acquainted. There is a lot of, for want of a better word, kerfuffling about on a computer. So before you get to any of the fun creative stuff you’ve to make a new email address, register with companies house, open a business bank account, make a website, make a twitter, a facebook page, buy a domain name, each task fraught with unexpected challenges.

After Lynton Council kindly accepted our proposal it was Thunderbirds are Go! Now, I do enjoy a list and as someone who is self-employed I maintain my productivity by writing lists. These I zealously tick off achieving the buzz of satisfaction I used to get from completing my homework knowing that inch by inch I was moving forward. But I’m talking monster lists! So, I thought it appropriate to make a list of how I found it to interface with each of these elements to get your footprint out on the old web.

Email: I chose gmail because I enjoy it’s google docs function which is supremely useful for sharing and amending scripts and copy.

Twitter: Another very easy set up. I was quickly up and running hassling and hash-tagging with the best of them. @PleasureDomeTC

Facebook: Building my page was ok, although I was somewhat stumped as to what a “impressum” was. Any clarification on that would be much appreciated. Visit the Pleasure Dome Facebook page.

Website: After asking about a bit, my web developer aunt recommended Wix as it is incredibly simple and even computer morons like myself can just about function on it. I chose to make my own because I intend to be updating it often and knew I needed to know how it all works. I am quite specific when it comes to aesthetics and was very pleased with the finish on my website:

Companies House: A somewhat confusing form and lots of questions to which even google’s answer was often, “meh?” PLEASURE DOME THEATRE COMPANY LTD

Banks: are a misery. I don’t want to think about the amount of time I spent trying to fill out forms and desperate to speak to someone on the phone. I genuinely fell asleep whilst on hold once, however once I got through to the delectable Frank at Natwest it all happened very quickly.

Godaddy: Despite it’s ugly retro images Godaddy is a fast, efficient and very cheap way of buying a domain. It does however ask if you want every variation of your specified domain. I’m no Taylor Swift Godaddy thanks bye.

Crowdfunder: I had been recommended Crowdfunder by a friend as opposed to other crowd-funding platforms, it has been super simple to use and you get a lot of attention from a very knowledgeable team. Although we have yet to see how well it works so watch this space…

As a rule, the most difficult things were linking and syncing these various websites and profiles etc.

Look out for our next episode on choosing your team and casting.

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