SIX Lockdown Mix – Queens world-wide rejoice – Watch Now!

Last Updated on 24th April 2020

Six Lockdown Mix. Today, The Queens from smash-hit SIX the musical have combined with fans from Queendom have released this ultimate epic lockdown video.


Six Lockdown Mix

Congratulations to over 3000 fans from Queendom appearing in this video to celebrate Six the musical during the lockdown.

Every performer has given their time for free to create this video.
We would love it if you would consider donating a small amount
 to a charity that you think might need your help during this time.
Below is a shortlist of charities that we know could really use your support.
??   Acting for Others:
??   Actors Fund:
??   Support Act:
Stay safe, Queens! 
With special thanks to Danielle Steers & Grace Mouat.
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