Tina – The Tina Turner Musical

  • tina-turner-musical-london-tickets
  • Tina the musical tickets
    The Cast of Tina at the Aldwych Theatre
  • Tina the musical tickets
    Adrienne Warren (Tina Turner) and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (Ike Turner) in Tina the musical.
  • Tina Musical Aldwych Theatre
    The cast of Tina the musical
  • Tina musical tickets
    Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as Ike Turner in Tina the musical.
  • Tina Musical London
    Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (Ike Turner) and Madeline Appiah (Zelma Bullock) in Tina the musical.
  • Tina Musical Tickets
    Jason Langley (Martyn Ware) Kayleigh McKnight (Ensemble) in Tina the musical.
  • Tina and the Ikettes
    Hannaj Jay-Allan (Adrienne Warren) Perola Congo and Sia Kiwa as Tina and the Ikettes
  • Tina musical tickets
    Gerard McCarthy (Erwin Bach)
  • Tina the musical
    Baker Mukasa (Ronnie) and Kit Esuruoso (Craig)
  • Tina Musical London
    Aisha Jawando as Alline Bullock in Tina the musical.
  • Tina Turner Tickets
    Adrienne Warren as Tina Turner.
  • Adrienne Warren as Tina Turner in Tina The Musical
    Adrienne Warren as Tina Turner.
  • Tina Musical Tickets
    Adriene Warren as Tina Turner
  • Tina musical tickets
    Adrienne Warren (Tina Turner) Kobna Holdbrook Smith (Ike Turner) and the cast of Tina the musical.
  • Tina Tickets Aldwych Theatre
    Adrienne Warren (Tina Turner) and Tom Godwin (Phil Spector) in Tina.
  • Tina tickets London
    Adrienne Warren (Tina Turner) and Francesca Jackson (Rhonda Graam) in Tina the musical.
  • Tina musical tickets London
    Adrienne Warren (Tina Turner) and Natey Jones (Raymond Hill) in Tina.
  • Tina Musical London
    Adrienne Warren (Tina Turner) and Lorna Gayle (Gran Georgeanna) in Tina.
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  • tina-turner-musical-london-tickets
  • Tina-musical-Adrienne-Warren-(Tina-Turner)-and-the-Cast-of-Tina
  • Tina-musical-Adrienne-Warren-(Tina-Turner)-and-Kobna-Holdbrook-Smith-(Ike-Turner)
  • The-cast-of-Tina-musical-aldwych-theatre
  • Kobna-Holdbrook-Smith-(Ike-Turner)-tina-musical
  • Kobna-Holdbrook-Smith-(Ike-Turner)-and-Madeline-Appiah-(Zelma-Bullock)
  • Jason-Langley-(Martyn-Ware),-Kayleigh-McKnight-(ensemble)-tina-musical
  • Hannah-Jay-Allan,-Adrienne-Warren,-Perola-Congo-and-Sia-Kiwa-(Tina-and-the-Ikettes)
  • Gerard-McCarthy-(Erwin-Bach)-tina-musical-aldwych-theatre-london
  • Baker-Mukasa-(Ronnie)-and-Kit-Esuruoso-(Craig)-tina-musical
  • Aisha-Jawando-(Alline-Bullock)-tina-musical-aldwych-theatre
  • Adrienne-Warren-as-Tina-Turner-tina-musical
  • Adrienne-Warren-as-Tina-Turner-tina-musical-tickets
  • Adrienne-Warren-as-Tina-Turner-aldwych-theatre
  • Adrienne-Warren-(Tina-Turner),-Kobna-Holdbrook-Smith-(Ike-Turner)–and-The-cast-of-Tina-musical
  • Adrienne-Warren-(Tina-Turner),-back-Tom-Godwin-(Phil-Spector)-tina-musical
  • Adrienne-Warren-(Tina-Turner),-back-Francesca-Jackson-(Rhonda-Graam)-tina-musical
  • Adrienne-Warren-(Tina-Turner)-and-Natey-Jones-(Raymond-Hill)-tina-musical
  • Adrienne-Warren-(Tina-Turner)-and-Lorna-Gayle-(Gran-Georgeanna)-tina-musical
  • Adrienne-Warren-as-Tina-Turner.-Photo-by-Manuel-Harlan

From humble beginnings in Nutbush, Tennessee, to her transformation into the global Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Tina Turner didn’t just break the rules, she rewrote them. This new stage musical, presented in association with Tina Turner herself, reveals the untold story of a woman who dared to defy the bounds of her age, gender and race.

One of the world’s best-selling artists of all time, Tina Turner has won 11 Grammy Awards and her live shows have been seen by millions, with more concert tickets sold than any other solo performer in music history.

Featuring her much loved songs, TINA, The Tina Turner Musical is written by Olivier Award-winning playwright Katori Hall and directed by the internationally acclaimed Phyllida Lloyd. Don’t miss this world premiere, opening at London’s Aldwych Theatre this Spring!

The cast comprises Adrienne Warren who plays the title role, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as Ike Turner, Madeline Appiah as Tina’s mother Zelma Bullock, Jenny Fitzpatrick as the alternate Tina, Lorna Gayle as Tina’s Grandmother GG, Tom Godwin as Record Producer Phil Spector and Lyricist Terry Britten, Francesca Jackson as Ike and Tina’s manager Rhonda Graam, Aisha Jawando as Tina’s sister Alline Bullock, Natey Jones as Tina’s father Richard Bullock and Tina’s first love Raymond Hill, Gerard McCarthy as record company Marketing Manager Erwin Bach and Ryan O’Donnell as Tina’s Manager Roger Davies.

They are joined by ensemble members Tsemaye Bob-Egbe, Keisher Downie, Kit Esuruoso who also plays Tina’s son Craig Hill, Jammy Kasongo, Sia Kiwa, Jason Langley, Kayleigh McKnight, Baker Mukasa and Tanisha Spring and swings Derek Aidoo, Gavin Alex, Edward Bourne, Candace Furbert, Hannah Jay-Allan and Rodney Vubya.

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