REVIEW: Where To Belong, Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe ✭✭✭✭

Paul T Davies reviews Where To Belong at Summerhall at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Where To Belong Edinburgh Fringe
Photo: Marc Brenner

Where to Belong
Summerhall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
9 August 2019
4 Stars
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It’s early morning you find the gems at the Fringe. It feels as if it’s hard core Festival goers for an early start, and you stumble across something that will stay with you. Step forward Victor Esses who shares with us his space, life, experiences and heart. What makes a home for you? Victor Esses is Jewish Lebanese, Brazilian and gay. This is piece about flight as much as home, his mother fled Lebanon as a refuge of the Civil War.

This is a piece of eye contact, of intimacy and his tales of childhood, and moving stories of journeys. He asks you to find your place in this world of ours, and who we share our lives with. It’s gentle, honest, non invasive audience participation, and you will open your heart .

It feels special that Esses is opening his heart to you, and with Brazil electing a Right wing, homophobic President in 2017, his story is even more relevant. It’s a beautiful way to start a festival day, and I urge you to accept his warm embrace.

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