REVIEW: No Love Songs, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe ✭✭✭✭✭

Last Updated on 10th August 2023

Paul T Davies reviews No Love Songs presented at the Traverse Theatre as part of the Edinburgh Fringe.

No Love Songs
Kyle Falconer and Laura Wilde. Photo: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

No Love Songs
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
9 August 2023
5 Stars
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It’s at the Fringe that I first encountered gig theatre, now so prevalent it has its own subgenre. It’s at the Traverse I’ve seen the best, namely Bloody Elle and What Girls Are Made Of, both revived this year and both must-sees. Add to that No Love Songs, a superb piece created by Kyle Falconer and Laura Wilde, inspired by their real-life experiences of being young parents and post-natal depression, the piece thrums with moving authenticity.

Both performers are outstanding, living entirely in the music and the moment. The narrative journey is expressed through Kyle’s music, both from his back catalogue and new material, and the play also resonates when the music stops, especially when Postnatal depression is at its worse. The musical direction and arrangements by Gavin Whitworth is superb, allowing the piece to breathe as well as roar.

With raw honesty, the show holds the audience musically and emotionally from the first beat to the final chord, and may just be the coolest show in town. Don’t miss it!

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