REVIEW: Le Gateau Chocolat Icons, Assembly George Square Gardens, Edinburgh Fringe ✭✭✭✭✭

Paul T Davies reviews Le Gateau Chocolat’s Icons now playing at Assembly George Square Gardens at the Edinburgh Fringe

Le Gateay Chocolat Icons Edinburgh Fringe
Le Gateau Chocolat

Le Gateau Chocolat Icons
Assembly George Square Gardens
21 August 2018
5 Stars
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And here is a show you feel privileged to witness. Opera, Eighties hits, gay icons and figures from history, Lycra and fascinators all combine in a deeply personal show from Le Gateau Chocolat. If you don’t know this legendary performer, then make it your business to find out!

From his childhood in Nigeria, his dawning sexuality, to discovering who he is, to running the London marathon, to now, in front of us in the Piccolo tent, Le Gateau Chocolat references his icons and their impact on his life. I doubt any other show will encompass Whitney, Jesse Norman, Maya Angelou, Madonna, Kate Bush, Barrack Obama and more with such style.

And that voice! Hits are slowed down, a spiritual hymn and a ballad from Wicked will pierce your soul and heart, the Madonna marathon will delight you and it’s impossible not to sing along with How Will I Know! Although the gardens outside are noisy, in the tent you can hear a pin drop during the ballads. Backed by two excellent musicians, (the Meatloaf tribute is another highlight!), This is an artist at the height of his powers.

As you can tell, I can’t recommend it enough! Presented by Soho Theatre, you should always take your opportunity to see THIS icon perform.


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