REVIEW: Kids Play, the Space Niddry Street, Edinburgh Fringe ✭✭✭✭

Paul T Davies reviews Kids Play at the Space at Niddry Street at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Kids Play Edinburgh Fringe
Gareth Watkins and Clement Charles in Kids Play.

Kids Play
the Space@ Niddry Street, Edinburgh Fringe
21 August 2018
4 Stars
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A hotel room and an encounter between an older, suited business man, and a younger, 17 year old boy. He is on a conference, away from home, and it seems very obvious what is going on here. Yet, this is where my synopsis has to stop as spoilers would definitely spoil the experience of this play, which has a few good twists that kept me involved for the whole hour.

That the play is staged in a conference room in a hotel adds a certain authenticity to the piece, and both actors will be attractive to many gay men in the audience. But as it develops on from a sexual encounter, the play has much to say about masculinity and vulnerability, and this is conveyed very well by both actors. Clement Charles is funny and lively as Theo, and Gareth Watkins exudes confidence as the older Greg.

A longer play would have planted some emotional seeds a little bit more, some of the revelations feel a little contrived in just an hour. The acting then would find a little more depth in places. But this is a funny, intriguing play that will engage you, with a good twist that makes you look at the situation anew.


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