REVIEW: Confetti, Assembly George Square, Edinburgh Fringe ✭✭✭✭✭

Last Updated on 15th August 2022

Paul T Davies reviews Confetti presented by Quick Duck Theatre at the Assembly Rooms George Square as part of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Confetti Edinburgh Fringe

Assembly Rooms George Square
Edinburgh Festival
5 Stars
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Here’s the best hen party to wedding day show you will ever see at this Fringe! Felix is arranging his best friend’s wedding, and we are welcomed to Helen’s hen party, with party bags! At the do, they meet up with the stag party and Felix meets Daniel, and a little secret romance begins. Of course, there are complications, but Felix works in event management, he can cope with anything, right? Right?

Will Jackson gives a hugely affable and likeable performance and you find yourself rooting for Felix from the start! Excellent and non-threatening audience participation makes us part of the show, and his script is tight, there’s no slack, and the comedy lands every single time! The characters are totally believable, and the plot thickens nicely to a very satisfying conclusion!

It’s a ball, and I urge you to see it, it will capture that feel-good mood you may be looking for after the last couple of years. It’s also refreshing to see gay plays in which no one dies at the end – sorry if that’s a spoiler! This is a cracking show. Join in and wish Helen, but especially Felix, all the love in the world!

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