REVIEW: Black Mountain, Roundabout @ Summerhall ✭✭✭✭

Paines Plough present Black Mountain at Edinburgh Fringe
Hasan Dixon and Katie Elin-Salt in Black Mountain. Photo: Jonathan Keenan

Black Mountain 
Roundabout @Summerhall
12/8 /17
4  Stars
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Brad Birches play is a psychological thriller set in a remote cottage, in which Paul and Rebecca are trying to mend their broken relationship. They set certain rules regarding honesty and fairness, but is the woman outside the cottage really the next door neighbour, or Helen, who Paul had an affair with.

Entering a smoke filled auditorium, the tension builds as the play progresses. Who is controlling who? Loyalties shift as Rebecca, a wonderfully chilled performance from Katie Elin-Salt, giving little away except anger, exposes Paul’s betrayal. Hasan Dixon is defensive and vulnerable, especially with Sally Messham as Helen.

The fourth character, betrayal, is in the tense lighting and sound. Black Mountain is another strong production from Paines Plough. The dialogue whips along in this well acted production.


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