FIRST LOOK: The View Upstairs at Soho Theatre

Last Updated on 23rd July 2019

Please enjoy Darren Bell’s first look production images from the European premiere of new musical The View Upstairs now playing at the Soho Theatre, London.

The View Upstairs Soho Theatre
The cast of The View Upstairs. Photo: Darren Bell

The musical opens in present day when Wes (Tyrone Huntley), a young fashion designer buys and abandoned space, not realising this had been the UpStairs Lounge, a vibrant ’70s gay bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans, which in 1973, was burned down in an arson attack, killing 32 people. The View Upstairs brings to life this forgotten community and takes the audience on an exhilarating journey of seduction and self-exploration, celebrating the lives of those forgotten while featuring a soulful, rock and jazz score. The musical also stars Andy Mientus, Declan Bennett, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Cedric Neal and John Partridge as Patrick, Dale, Inez, Willie and Buddy respectively. Completing the cast are Carly Mercedes Dyer as Henri, Gary Lee as Freddy, Joseph Prouse as Richard and Derek Hagen as Cops/Realtor. The View Upstairs is written by Max Vernon and directed in London by Jonathan O’Boyle. Now playing at Soho Theatre.


The View Upstairs musical Declan Bennett
Declan Bennett as Dale. Photo: Darren Bell
John Partridge
John Partridge as Buddy. Photo: Darren Bell
Andy Mientus Tyrone Huntley
Tyrone Huntley (Wes_ and Andy Mientus (Patrick) in The View Upstairs. Photo: Darren Bell
Cedric Neal
Cedric Neal in The View Upstairs. Photo: Darren Bell


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