Danny O’Hare I Feel Fuzzy brings music, comedy and crisis to the Fringe

Danny O’Hare: I Feel Fuzzy brings a fizzy cocktail of music, comedy and crisis to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Danny O'Hare: I Feel Fuzzy Edinburgh Fringe

Required Field Productions will present Danny O’Hare: I Feel Fuzzy at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018. This new cabaret show stars Danny O’Hare, an energetic saingerwith a deep love of loungue classics, who also just happens to be a puppet.

Problem is Danny is in heavy denial of his puppet-ness (puppet-ude? puppet-osity?) When Danny is forced to face his true nature in the middle of the show, he handles it poorly—and hilariously. Luckily, he’s helped by his two long-suffering human backup singers: a fed-up soprano, and an alto with a secret. They use tough-ish love to guide him through a musical intervention featuring favorites and deep dives from lounge, pop, Broadway, and beyond.

This world premiere show is an original collaboration between three long-time Seattle-area performers: actress and classical vocalist Kathy Roche Zujko, dancer/singer Suzanne Duckworth Claflin, and writer and comedian Jamie Gower. Suzanne and Kathy were two parts of a professional a capella trio. Kathy and Jamie worked together on his long-running series of comedy-variety plays. They are excited to bring their Venn diagram of overlapping experience to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Danny O’Hare: I Feel Fuzzy starts out as a cabaret show, takes a sharp left turn into screwball comedy, and ultimately becomes a heartfelt celebration of life and love. Come for the jokes and the singing, stay for the hope and optimism. And learn how to hypnotize a puppet. Because you never know when that will come in handy.

The show runs at theSpace at Surgeons Hall from 13 – 18 August at 6.05pm and is suitable for ages 14+



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