Cirque Du Soleil returns to London in 2024 with Alegria

Last Updated on 12th July 2023

Cirque Du Soleil return to London’s Royal Albert Hall in January 2024 with classic production Alegria which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in a thrilling new revival production.

Cirque Du Soleil AllegriaCirque du Soleil returns to London to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its internationally acclaimed classic Alegría from 11 January to 11 February 2024 at the iconic Royal Albert Hall. This limited series of performances will mark the European Premiere of the revival production of Alegría, a creative reinterpretation of the 1994 touring show in a whole new light.


First premiered in 1994, Alegría has become one of the most beloved Cirque du Soleil shows by mesmerising over 14 million spectators in 255 cities across 40 countries until the end of its 19-year world tour in 2013. Its original production performed five successful engagements in London from 1998, including four residencies at the Royal Albert Hall, making London the city Alegría has visited the most in the world.

In 2019, Alegría was revived and creatively reinterpreted in a new light, ensuring that all its components – stage direction, music, acrobatics, sets, costumes, lighting & makeup designs – would be as inspiring for today’s audiences as they were at the time of the original creation. Re-energised by an international cast of 62 acrobats, clowns, musicians, and singers, Alegría remains timeless and imbued with a joyous magical feeling.

Cirque du Soleil started its much-loved annual residency at the Royal Albert Hall in 1996, becoming a staple of entertainment at the famous London venue as it becomes a permanent big top for over two months each year. Last year’s presentation of KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities became the bestselling Cirque du Soleil show ever in the UK.

Undeniably the most iconic Cirque du Soleil production, Alegría (‘joy’ in Spanish) is an all-time classic reimagined for a new generation to fall in love with. An immersive experience, Alegría whisks audiences away to a mystical world sprinkled with visual poetry and acrobatic extravagance.

At the heart of a once-glorious kingdom that has lost its king, Alegría witnesses the power struggle at play between the old order and the youth in strive for hope and renewal. As the court jester clumsily tries to take the throne, a growing desire for change emerges from the street to shake the status quo and bring joy to the world.

With its unforgettable soundtrack, exciting acrobatics, surreal costume designs, vibrant set, and playful humour, Alegría touches the soul and lives up to its global reputation of quintessential Cirque du Soleil spectacle.


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