Twelve Angry Men

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Martin Shaw, Jeff Fahey, Nick Moran and Robert Vaughn star as jurors who have murder on their minds and a life in their hands as they decide the fate of a young delinquent accused of killing his father. But what appears to be an open and shut case soon becomes a huge dilemma as prejudices and preconceived ideas about the accused, the trial and each other turn the tables every which way, until the nail-biting climax…

This new production of Twelve Angry Men brings to the stage the taut brilliance of the 1957 three-time Academy Award nominated film which was produced by and starred Henry Fonda, and is considered to be one of the great ‘must-see' movies of all time.

Juror 8 – Martin Shaw
Juror 9 – Robert Vaughn
Juror 3 – Jeff Fahey
Juror 7 – Nick Moran
Foreman – Luke Shaw
Juror 2 – David Calvitto
Juror 4 – Paul Antony-Barber
Juror 5 – Ed Franklin
Juror 6 – Robert Blythe
Juror 10 – Miles Richardson
Juror 11 – Martin Turner
Juror 12 – Owen O'Neil
Guard – Jason Riddington

Director – Christopher Haydon
Designed – Michael Pavelka
Written by Reginald Rose
Lighting – Mark Howland
Sound – Dan Hoole

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