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The monarch – Liz.

Her most powerful subject – Maggie.

Two enduring icons born six months apart. One destined to rule, the other elected to lead. But when the stiff upper lip softened and the gloves came off, which one had the upper hand?
Handbagged is the  wickedly funny new play that opens the clasp on the relationship between two giants of the 20th Century.
Moira Buffini’s comedy speculates on that most provocative of questions: What did the world’s most powerful women talk about behind closed palace doors?

Queen Elizabeth – Marion Bailey
Margaret Thatcher – Stella Gonet
Neet Mohan
Jeff Rawle
Lucy Robinson
Fenella Woolgar

Author – Moira Buffini
Director – Indhu Rubasingham
Designer – Richard Kent
Lighting Designer – Oliver Fenwick
Sound Designer – Carolyn Downing

Handbagged won the outstanding achievement in affiliate theatre 2014 Olivier Award.
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