REVIEW: Frankenstein How To Make A Monster, Traverse Theatre ✭✭✭✭✭

Last Updated on 13th August 2019

Paul T Davies reviews Frankenstein How To Make A Monster at the Traverse Theatre presented by the Battersea Arts Centre Beat Box Academy at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Frankenstein Edinburgh Fringe review
Glitch, Grove, Aminita, Native – The Cr8ive in Frankenstein How To Make A Monster. Photo: Lara Cappelli

Frankenstein How To Make A Monster
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe 2019
8 August 2019
5 Stars
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Welcome to the Battersea Arts Centre Beat Box Academy and a version of Frankenstein like you’ve never seen or HEARD before. This incredible ensemble take Mary Shelley’s classic tale and create a thudding, thundering verbal and sound triumph of a production!

I had prejudices about hip hop and beat box but my mind was blown by this show. Every sound is created live, and each performer has a strong identity. Amnita Francis, Nadine Rose Johnson, Tyler Worthington, Nathaniel Forder Staple, ABH Beatbox and Beth Griffin are stars of their craft. And together they play exciting homage to the original text, never loosing the structure and updating it perfectly- the Monster we have created in social media is given vibrant life and the vocal work is strong, as is the selection of some music, Firestarter for example!

Frankenstein review Edinburgh
Aminita, Native The Cr8ive, Grove , ABH, Wiz-RD in Frankenstein How To Make A Monster. Photo: Lara Cappelli

Every performance is relaxed, the audience can film, dance, join in and the atmosphere is terrific. Stay for the beat box battles after the story ends. Conrad Murray and David Cumming have created a modern classic from a classic. That noise you hear is Mary Shelley shouting her approval that her creature still has vibrant life!

Highly recommended.


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