REVIEW: The League Of Youth, Theatre N16 ✭✭✭✭✭

The League Of Youth at Theatre N16

The genius of this work is that it opens up to us what is really great about the writer: his vision of humanity, his craft as a composer of lyrical epics of the struggle of people to find their way in a world full of dangers, challenges, betrayals, confusions and blind-alleys. It leaves you knowing that you will never be able to think about the creator of Peer Gynt or Mrs Alving in the same way again. And you feel so very, very glad about that. At last.

UPCOMING: Musical Theatre For Shopkeepers

Tomorrow Maybe a new musical

H G Wells could see into the future, and he gave us his alter ego – the ebullient draper’s boy, Kipps, who is even now, thanks to the combined efforts of Anthony Drewe, George Stiles and Julian Fellowes, dazzling his way back onto the Chichester Festival Theatre stage in the most recently refreshed version of the 1960s musical based on his adventures, David Henecker and Beverley Cross’s ‘Half A Sixpence’. But perhaps even Wells’ clairvoyance might have fallen short of grasping just what a powerful role the British fascination with trade would play in its musical theatre creations of the early 21st century. Two shows seen earlier in London (and now entertaining the crowds in Edinburgh), and another housed in a temporary space in the capital, open our eyes and ears to the powerful influence that commercial life still exerts upon national life. First, in ‘Tomorrow, Maybe‘, we pop into … Read more

UPCOMING: You Tweet My Face Space

You Tweet My Face Space

This week Julian paid a visit to the London Theatre Workshop to take a look at You Tweet My Face Space. Once again, LTW hosts another outstanding event: this time, a Pre-Edinburgh Fringe preview of an original new comedy, written and produced by Tom Hartwell and directed by Lilac Yosiphon, starring ten recent graduates of Mountview Academy (BA Acting). The company they invited in, Boots and Cats Productions, is partnered to them and they have worked closely together in creating this preview. Ray Rackham and Skye Crawford’s LTW has just scored an immense hit with its scaled up transfer to the Southwark Playhouse of last summer’s success at Eel Brook Common, ‘Through The Mill‘. Now in the process of transferring itself to new and larger premises atop the New Moon pub at Leadenhall Market in The City, it is continuing to make a name for itself in finding new talent … Read more

UPCOMING: Can’t Stop It The Musical

Can't Stop It The Musical

Behind the scenes across the UK talented writers are working on great new ideas for musicals. Many will never be seen and many need support to get onto the stage. has asked our good friend Julian Eaves to write a regular feature talking about the hard work that is going on to bring audiences new and exciting shows. We hope that you enjoy this great new series. On Thursday, 21st July, at the Dominion Theatre, Tottenham Court Road, we were treated to the first night of a wonderful success story in musical theatre. No, it was not the Press Night of the revival of ‘The Bodyguard’, starring the inestimable Beverly Knight. It was for a new show that nobody had seen before. If you wanted to see it, you had to leave the lobby in the magnificent art deco grand entrance hall, climb the stairs up to the circle, … Read more