There’s Much Ado As Shit-faced Shakespeare Returns

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Celebrating their 7th Anniversary this year, Shit-Faced Shakespeare is back in London’s West End still three sheets to the wind with their new challenge – a season of Much Ado About Nothing as you’ve never seen it before. Their aim, to take one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, add one hammered actor whilst trying to reach the curtain call without a calamity, an injury or a lawsuit. Last year Shit-faced Shakespeare performed to over 30,000 people in the UK and over 35,000 in the USA. Much Ado About Nothing will be their longest run to date in the UK. Filled with mistaken identities, petty arguments and put-downs, and the course of love not running smoothly (not least of all because friends keep interfering). Sounds like a Friday night in any British boozer. But what if Hero decides she really would rather marry the chap in the second row, or if Benedick … Read more

REVIEW: Shit-Faced Shakespeare, Leicester Square Theatre ✭✭✭✭

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: The official website for Shit-faced Shakespeare, the unholy offspring of Magnificent Bastard Productions, describes their show as “the deeply highbrow fusion of an entirely serious Shakespeare play with an entirely shit-faced cast member.” Nevertheless, it inspires a certain amount of suspicion. Surely there wouldn’t actually be a drunk cast member? Wouldn’t it be dangerous? And wouldn’t a drunk person performing on stage be incredibly obnoxious? In fact, it is very real, all necessary precautions are taken, and it is extraordinarily entertaining.

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