Shit-faced Shakespeare return in 2018 with two new productions

Last Updated on 20th November 2017

Shit-faced Shakespeare return in 2018 with Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant Of Venice at London’s Leicester Square Theatre.

Shit Faced Shakespeare return to the Leicester Square Theatre in 2018
Shit-Faced Shakespeare. Photo: Rah Petherbridge

Shit-faced Shakespeare, the award-winning acclaimed stage phenomena returns to London in 2018 with two new productions. The company return to present The Merchant of Venice and Romeo and Juliet both served up with their signature shit-faced twist which could see a plastered pair of star-crossed lovers and a stumbling Shylock.

Each show will see a cast of six actors who have assembled four hours before the start of the show for a party which is dry for all but one performer, who gets shit-faced. What the audience sees is a balancing act between the Shakespearean script which has been trimmed down to an hour and improv rules, which state you must go on with whatever the drunk actor decides to do. Every show is a one off. Every single performance has a different drunk actor who is genuinely inebriated.

Shit-faced now performs across the UK, Australia and USA. Now in its 8th year the troupe (and their livers) are showing no signs of giving up just yet.

The Merchant of Venice will be performed from (18 April – 2 June 2018) and Romeo and Juliet (20 June – 1 September 2018) at London’s Leicester Square Theatre.


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