INTERVIEW: Tom Stocks – Founder Of Actor Awareness

actor awareness

Not so long ago, I read an article in which Dame Judi Dench voiced her concerns that acting talent is being buried by wealth segregation. It seems that those who cannot afford Drama School training, who don’t get accepted onto a Drama School programme, or choose to complete their higher education at a University, are being pushed onto a diverted path into the industry. So, how can we make a change to ensure that the industry gives a fair opportunity to all, no matter your background? Driven by the inequality and lack of diversity so rife within the arts industry, Tom Stocks launched ‘Actor Awareness’, a campaign to fight for those actors from less privileged backgrounds to have the same opportunities available to them in equal measure as to those with stronger financial support. Sheltering in the Spotlight Studios from a wind which blew away a pretend Summer, I caught … Read more