REVIEW: Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris, Charing Cross Theatre ✭✭

Daniel Boys, David Burt Charing Cross Theatre

The best aspect of this production is the musicianship on display from the gifted Dean Austin and the four members of his band who, with piano, accordion, guitar, bass and percussion, create the gorgeous soundscape for Brel’s work. Austin sings as well, and each time he does a sense of truth and a stylish understanding of the fabric of the music accentuates whatever is occurring, makes it better, more delicious.

New Play About Diana Comes To Charing Cross Theatre

Truth, Lies, Diana opening at Charing Cross Theatre in January 2015

Truth, Lies, Diana a unique ground-breaking ‘factional’ drama written by Jon Conway, containing sensational new information about the death of Princess Diana, will make its UK debut at the Charing Cross Theatre in January 2015. Truth, Lies, Diana is the story of ‘Ray, a playwright who uncovers secrets about Diana and her death, that the Establishment have tried to keep hidden. As he strives to … Read more

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