Anita Louise Combe Sings Back To Before From Ragtime is pleased to bring you this video of Anita Louise Combe singing Back To Before from the upcoming production of Ragtime at the Charing Cross Theatre.

It is the turn of the 20th Century in New York. An era is exploding. A century is spinning. And the people are moving in rhythm and rhyme to the music of Ragtime. Based on the novel by E.L Doctorow, Ragtime weaves together the story of three groups in America, represented by Coalhouse Walker Jr, a Harlem musician; Mother and her white, middle-class family in New Rochelle; and Tateh, a Jewish immigrant who has come to America with his daughter seeking a new life. Their fictional lives become dramatically intertwined with one another as well as with historical figures including Harry Houdini, Booker T. Washington, JP Morgan and Henry Ford.

This new actor-musician version of Ragtime is directed by Thom Southerland and will play at the Charing Cross Theatre for 9 weeks from Saturday 8 October to Saturday 10 December 2016.


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