Seven Lives, One Building, Many Stories as Peepshow comes to Canal Cafe

Fat Cat Creatives present Isabel Wright's play Peepshow at Canal cafe Theatre

Fat Cat Creatives are bringing their production of Isabel Wright’s Peepshow to the Canal Cafe Theatre for a limited season this July. Peepshow delves into the complicated lives of seven characters who reside in the same apartment building in London. Look through the keyhole and what appears on theoutside to be pedestrian normality soon reveals itself with a tantalising flash of reality and humanity. The cast of Peepshow includes Caitlin McMillan as Loner, Lizabeth Venezia as George, Rory Graham as Ben, Celine Abrahams as Sharon, Austin Caley as Richard, Nicole Michelle as Kate, and Sophie Crouch as Sara. Peepshow is directed by Adam Morley and produced by Fat Cat Creatives, a company created and designed as a middle ground for young aspiring talent to come together and prosper leaving the stresses and anxieties of the industry behind. Peepshow plays at the Canal Cafe Theatre on the 14th, 15th, 20th,21st and … Read more

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