A New Cast Rocks In The Quentin Dentin Show

The Quentin Dentin Show at Tristan Bates Theatre

Having developed a cult following on its journey from London to Edinburgh and back again,  The Quentin Dentin Show will return to The Tristan Bates Theatre from 19th June to 29 July 2017. With a brilliant original soundtrack, live rock band and dazzling choreography, The Quentin Dentin Show, a satire on the extremes to which we’ll go to get ahead, is guaranteed to make you happy or kill you trying. The cast for the show includes Luke Lane (The Quentin Dentin Show, Above The Arts; King John, Shakespeare’s Globe; A Midsummer Night’s Dream/Henry V, Cambridge Shakespeare Festival), Shauna Riley (The Quentin Dentin Show, Above The Arts/Edinburgh Fringe; Bas, Prague Fringe; Sasha, Seventh Dream Ventures), Max Panks (Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Park Theatre; Lost Boy The Musical, Charing Cross Theatre and Finborough Theatre; Loserville, Union Theatre), Freya Tilly (You Won’t Succeed On Broadway If You Don’t Have Any Jews, Garrick Theatre; … Read more

New Heist Drama Premieres At Trsitan Bates Theatre In April

Sublime at Tristan Bates Theatre

The heistess is back in town. In one week she has three jobs on her schedule. She’s good, but is she that good? We will find out in Sublime, a provocative new play by Sarah Thomas, directed by Ben SantaMaria. After a two-year estrangement, Sophie bursts back into her brother’s life, claiming to need his help in a series of thefts to cover a debt she owes in her new home in Corsica. Upset at her absence and seeming to have settled down with his girlfriend Clara, Sam is unable to say no to a last bash at an old, exciting life. As they don their costumes and practice their old grifting routines, old emotions quickly resurface and collide, forcing them to question the new lives they have built for each other. Can Sophie lure Sam away from domestic coupledom to rekindle their old crime partnership and save her skin? … Read more