UPCOMING: Prelude, Tristan Bates Theatre

Prelude Tristan Bates Theatre

Julian Eaves takes a look at Prelude showcasing new writers at the Tristan Bates Theatre Prelude Tristan Bates Theatre, 18th June 2018 Joel Fisher did a very sensible thing in inviting Lexi Clare’s showcase for new musical theatre writing into the Tristan Bates Theatre: having seen it Above the Arts recently, he knew it would benefit from the more generous space – and infinitely better acoustics – of his house.  And so it proved: it was sheer delight to hear these new voices in a room that did them full justice. As for the performing, so also for the writing: there was a lot of young talent here, drawn from the capital’s leading drama schools.  Now, we hear much about the difficulties of gaining access to such training; the prohibitive costs and lack of subsidies available mean, we are told again and again, that there is increasingly a restricted demographic … Read more