REVIEW: Four Minutes Twelve Seconds, Trafalgar Studios 2 ✭✭✭✭

Four minutes twelve seconds at Trafalgar Studios 2

By the end of the play there is a horrifying awareness that a variation of this story is currently being enacted for real somewhere in the near vicinity: in immediate families, next door, down the road, but certainly not further away than the next suburb. This is a situation, indeed a problem that concerns everyone and there is no doubt that it should be put in front of the eyes and ears of the young people who need to hear.

Four Minutes Twelve Seconds Transfers To Trafalgar Studios

Four minutes twelve seconds at the Trafalgar Studios

Following an acclaimed season at the Hampstead Downstairs last year, James Fritz’s Olivier nominated debut play Four Minutes Twelve Seconds will transfer to the Trafalgar Studios this November. Seventeen year old Jack is the apple of his mother’s eye. Di and David have devoted their whole lives to giving him every opportunity they never had. But a startling incident outside the school gates threatens to … Read more

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