INTERVIEW: Joe Pasquale on playing Frank Spencer in Some Mother Do ‘Ave ‘Em

Some MOthers Do 'Ave 'Em

We speak to Joe Pasquale on being Frank Spencer in the Some Mothers Do ‘Ave’Em on stage, living dangerously and a naughty on-stage habit… What can people expect from the stage show of Some Mothers Do ‘Av ‘Em? Proper family comedy that is set in the 70s and is so funny that you will laugh solidly for two hours. In the original TV series there were a lot of crazy stunts. How about the stage show? I’m doing it all – hanging by my ankles, chicken chasing and all sorts. If it’s not dangerous or life threatening I’m not interested anymore. Michael Crawford is inexorably linked with the character of Frank Spencer. Will you be imitating his performance? No. That would be an insult to Michael. I will be projecting my own personality on to the role. When we did the final workshop we had an invited audience. All the … Read more

FIRST LOOK: Joe Pasquale in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em UK Tour

Some MOthers Do 'Ave 'Em

Joe Pasquale takes on the iconic role of Frank Spencer in the Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em UK Tour. Take a look at Scott Rylander’s great production images. Based on the original TV comedy series by Raymond Allen, the stage adaptation of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em is written and directed by Guy Unsworth and stars Joe Pasquale as the loveable but accident-prone Frank Spencer, Sarah Earnshaw as Betty, Susie Blake as Mrs Fisher, Moray Treadwell as Mr Luscombe/Mr Worthington, David Shaw-Parker as Father O’Hara and Chris Kiely as Desmond/Constable. SOME MOTHERS DO ‘AVE ‘EM TOUR SCHEDULE      

REVIEW: Spamalot, Richmond Theatre (on Tour) ✭✭✭✭

Joe Pasquale as King Arthur in the UK Tour of Spamalot

The balance in Luscombe’s revival is precisely right. The “make-do” feel of the sets is in sync with the coconut clacking of the unrelentingly cheery Patsy and helps set the tone of silliness and frivolity with which one must approach Spamalot to reap its many rewards. Versatility is at a premium in this cast. Wide-eyed, dry, droll and gently teasing, Pasquale makes a lovable and very funny Arthur.

Spamalot announces 2015 UK Tour

Joe Pasquale as King Arthur in the UK Tour of Spamalot

CLICK FOR SPAMALOT TOUR DATES BELOW It has been announced that Monty Python’s Spamalot is to embark on a new UK tour next year starring Joe Pasquale and Todd Carty. Based on the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spamalot features a script by Eric Idle and a new score by Eric Idle and John Du Prez. The announcement of the tour follows the huge success of the O2 season where the five remaining members of Monty Python broke box office records. Idle said “Spamalot is fun. The new production is funnier, it’s more like a Python show. There are new costumes and new sets and a new director, so it’s just got a whole different spirit to it”. Spamalot is directed by Christopher Luscombe and produced by the Ambassadors Theatre Group. 2015 tour dates are as follows:- February 2 – 7, 2015 Birmingham New Alexandra BUY TICKETS ONLINE … Read more

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