REVIEW: The Station Master, Tristan Bates Theatre ✭✭✭

The Stationmaster at Tristan Bates Theatre

Connor’s score owes a considerable debt to Sondheim, but, that said, it treads in very interesting paths. Complex and intricate, the melodies and harmonies reward careful listening, but there is no danger of a “hummable tune” for the most part, even though individual numbers and vocal lines are quite beguiling, instantly enjoyable.

REVIEW: The Sound Of Music, New Wimbledon Theatre ✭✭✭✭

The Sound Of Music on its 2015 Uk Tour

It’s great to see so many people of all ages enjoying and loving The Sound Of Music. There’s a magic about the Sound Of Music that defies explanation, generation after generation fall in love with this tale of family, love and adversity and the message of hope that it expels into the audience in wave after wave. How could you do anything but love it.

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