INTERVIEW: Frances Ruffelle Talks The Wild Party and New Musicals

Frances Ruffelle to star as Queenie in The Wild Party at The Other Palace

We had a brief moment during rehearsals for The Wild Party to talk to British Musical Theatre star Frances Ruffelle about new musicals, The Wild Party and her attraction to new talent. What Is The Wild Party About? It’s a very debauched poem written in the 1920’s at a time when prohibition forced people to hold parties in their own homes with drug taking, bath tub gin and a lot of free love. It’s about a racy 24 hours in the life of New York chorine Queenie. She’s unsatisfied with her life. Having come to New York to make it big, she’s now stuck with her lover Burrs who is violent and nothing has quite worked out as she planned. Unhappy, she gets her fulfilment from multiple lovers and partying her life away. In the midst of the partying, she has a revelation that she needs to find her own … Read more

Frances Ruffelle To Star in The Wild Party At The Other Palace

Frances Ruffelle to star as Queenie in The Wild Party at The Other Palace

Frances Ruffelle is to play Queenie in The Wild Party, when it receives it’s first major UK production at The Other Palace from 11 February 2017. Tickets are now on sale. Set against a backdrop of Manhattan decadence and 1920’s excess, The Wild Party tells the story of Queenie and Burrs, a Vaudeville showgirl and a Vaudeville clown whose relationship is marked by vicious behaviour and recklessness. In an attempt to salvage their toxic union, they decide to throw a party to end all parties. The guests are a vivid collection of the unruly and the undone: a cocaine-sniffing bisexual playboy; a washed-up boxer; a diva of indeterminate age; a fresh-faced ingénue; and a handsome Valentino who catches Queenie’s roving eye. The jazz and gin-soaked party rages to a mounting sense of threat, as artifice and illusion are stripped away. But when midnight debauchery turns into tragedy, the revellers must … Read more

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