REVIEW: Merit, Finborough Theatre ✭✭✭

Merit at the Finborough Theatre

Merit at The Finborough by Alexandra Wood explores the unravelling relationship between a mother and daughter during the financial crash in 2013 Spain. A fast paced two-hander, the play confronts the morality of ambition, the nature of altruism and how success affects our responsibilities to family and friends.

Alexandra Wood’s Merit comes to the Finborough

Merit at the Finborough Theatre

The London premiere of award-winning playwright Alexandra Wood’s new play Merit kicks off the Finborough Theatre’s spring season with a four week run from 1 March. Set in Spain in 2013, Merit explores what people will be driven to during times of financial chaos, when bankers are getting filthy rich whilst others are left unable to support their families. Wood’s previous plays include The Human … Read more

REVIEW:Merit, The Drum – Plymouth ✭✭✭

Rebecca Lacey and Lizzy Watts in Merit at The Drum theatre in Plymouth

Merit has a timeless quality, examining themes relevant to any society going through economic upheaval. It also explores broader ideas such as our responsibilities towards others when money is short: Patricia questions Sofia’s decision to give to charity when people are losing their homes just as many people question whether countries in recession should continue to give aid to the developing world.

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