The Real Marigold Hotel Live Tour

This information was updated on 31st August, 2019

The Real Marigold Hotel Tour sees the VIP senior citizens who survived India, China, Mexico Russia and Vietnam are set to discover if they can survive a UK bus tour.

Real Marigold Hotel Live Tour

The Real Marigold Hotel Live is the  first ever live UK tour of the smash-hit BBC series and stars Shelia Ferguson, Bobby George, Paul Nicholas, Rosemary Shrager and Wayne Sleep.*

Over three hit TV series, famous senior citizens tried out retirement in India other countries around the world. From embarrassing etiquette failures in Japan, mastering the tango in Argentina, tackling overnight trains in Vietnam and enduring age defying treatments in Russia, they survived to tell the tales…. well nearly!

Rosemary Shrager said: “The experience of the trips I went on was quite simply life changing for me. They were exhilarating and I discovered so much about myself through getting to know some truly wonderful people of my age from totally different cultures. But what you saw on screen is only half the story –  on this live tour we’ll be letting you in on lots of secrets behind the filming and hilarious events the producers left out of the final edit.”

Bobby said: “I’m really looking forward to The Real Marigold On Tour… at home!”

Now our VIP travellers are set to reveal hilarious insights from their global adventures in theatres across the UK, opening at Cheltenham Town Hall on October 16 (full tour dates attached).

Sheila Ferguson  said: “After travelling around the world and experiencing so many different and exotic cultures with ‘Marigold On Tour’, then seeing the amazing affect it’s had on everyone who saw the various episodes, it’ll be my extreme pleasure to share more experiences around the country with live audiences.”

Revealing behind-the-scene secrets and hilarious never-before-seen clips, the evening will be packed full of laughter, revelations and the odd personal anecdotes from their life both on and off the road.

* Please note not all artists will perform at every venue.



The producers regret to announce that upcoming ‘The Real Marigold Hotel Live’ tour is being postponed to 2020 due to unforeseen scheduling issues.

Replacement dates will be announced in due course.

Ticket holders should contact their point of sale for a refund


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