REVIEW: Before the Night is Through, The Landor Theatre ✭✭✭

Before the night is through at the Landor Theatre

Despite the first Act moving somewhat slowly, Act Two is when the musical really takes off with added cheekiness, inuendo and ridiculously outrageous farce, prompting much uncontrolled laughter from the audience. As a headlining show in the From Page to Stage series, Before the Night is Through is a delightfully jolly jaunt and proof that British musical theatre is alive and well.

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Luke Kempner

Kempner is the real deal in every way – his timing is impeccable, his sense of comedy immaculate, his ability to impersonate or portray the essence of the work of others inspired and unflinching, his diction and vocal dexterity extraordinarily impressive. Add his matinee idol looks and you have – unquestionably – a star.