Away From Home At Arts Theatre London

Away From Home at the Arts Theatre

The UK, 2014, The Civil Partnership Act is ten years old, same-sex marriage passes into law, it is a criminal offence to stir up hatred against people on grounds of their sexual orientation. After years of struggle, the final stigmas are being removed. It is okay to be gay, being out isn’t an issue. And yet, homosexuality remains a taboo subject in English football. Not one of Britain’s 5,000 professional performers is openly gay. The national sport is leagues behind. To this day, not a single Premier League footballer has come out while in the game. In this climate, and in the wake of the World Cup, Hartshorn – Hook Productions and Working Progress Theatre Company have toured a visceral new play, tackling the issue of homophobia in the beautiful game. The show has been performed everywhere from London’s Jermyn Street Theatre to the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, visiting The … Read more