REVIEW: The Autumn Garden, Jermyn Street Theatre ✭✭✭✭

The Autumn Garden at Jermyn Street Theatre

Despite this, there are quality performances on offer and an intriguing plot. The gradual descent of Nick from hero to scoundrel in Constance’s estimations is very well done. This may well be Hellman’s best play, and it’s an excellent work of its time and kind, but a little refinement would not go amiss.

FIRST LOOK: The Collector Rehearsals

Book now for The Collector at The Vaults Theatre starring Lily Loveless and Daniel Portman

The Collector, a play by Mark Healy, adapted from the novel by John Fowles comes to The Vaults Theatre in August 2016. The production will star Daniel Portman (Podrick Payne, Game Of Thrones) and Lily Loveless (Naomi, Skins). Frederick Clegg loves Miranda Grey. Miranda Grey loves Frederick Clegg – she just doesn’t know it yet. The Collector tells the story of a lonely young man who collects butterflies and his obsession with a beautiful art student. When he comes into a large amount of money he leaves his job, buys a remote farmhouse and prepares the basement for a very special houseguest. The Collector is an enthralling psychological thriller which brings to life one of British literature’s most notoriously terrifying characters. John Fowles is a giant of British literature and was named as one of the 50 greatest post war British writers by The Times. His works, including The Magus, … Read more

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