REVIEW: Twitstorm, Park Theatre ✭✭✭

Twitstorm at the Park Theatre

Twitstorm Park Theatre 1st June 2017 3 Stars BOOK NOW The great thing about this theatre is that you can never – quite – tell where Artistic Director Jez Bond is taking it. Each new show comes along and brings with it a new departure, and certainly a bold contrast to whatever preceded it.  Each production is a risk, and while many pay off, occasionally some do not.  Well, that is the privilege of an experimental, new-writing house: it must reserve ‘the right to …’, well, if not exactly ‘fail’, then certainly to be slightly less than completely successful. Never was that more true than with this opus, a contemporary boulevard comedy, by and partly starring Chris England, set – in theory – in the world of Twitter and celebrity culture. In practice, this feels more like an endearingly old-fashioned, light-hearted slab of cheeky but still not too saucy entertainment. … Read more

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