REVIEW: Unfaithful, Found111 ✭✭✭

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For such an explosive opening, the surprisingly muted ending of Unfaithful leaves its audience unsatisfied and full of questions. Whilst commendable for Cusack and Campion’s performances, the play itself feels underdeveloped, breaking no new ground in terms of story.

BUG releases 1000 more seats

James Norton in Bug at Found111 Theatre

BUG starring James Norton and Kate Fleetwood has proved to be a very popular play indeed, with the entire season  Sold Out prior to the show’s press night. Producers have announced today that an additional 1000 seats are now on sale extending the show’s London season to 14 May 2016. A seedy motel room. Oklahoma City. Summer. Agnes, a lonely cocktail waitress, is holed-up from her violent ex-con ex-husband, seeking solace in drink and drugs. Until a stranger arrives. Tense and blackly comic, Bug is a taut exploration of two people on the edge; where the lines between reality and delusions become blurred. Found111 is a pop-up venue, provided by Soho Estates, at 111 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H ODT. Read our review of BUG BOOK NOW FOR BUG

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