INTERVIEW: Robert Lindsay Lets Go

Robert Lindsay as Richard III at the Savoy Theatre. Image: Paul Rider at Shoot.

Robert Lindsay has enjoyed a diverse career on stage & screen that has seen the actor win numerous awards including two Oliviers, a Tony and a BAFTA. Phil Matthews finds out about his rise through the ranks. A year ago I interviewed Zoë Wanamaker for our first issue. I have to ask, what’s it like working with her in My Family? Well, ironically Zoë and I go back to drama school days. Zoë was at Central, which I’m sure you know, and I was at RADA, and we had mutual friends. I remember going into a party at her flat – 1969 it must have been, or something like that. One of those drama student parties. I knew her Dad [Sam Wanamaker, the founder of the Globe Theatre] very well. I did the very first production ever at what is now The Globe, which was then ‘The Tent’, and I … Read more