FIRST LOOK: Alice Fearn sings Don’t Lose It from Footballers’ Wives the musical

Watch Alice Fearn sing Don’t Lose It from the upcoming Footballers’ Wives the musical with book by Maureen Chadwick, co-creator of the original TV series, and music & lyrics by Kath Gotts.

Alice Fearn Footballers' Wives the Musical

Watch Alice Fearn sing the first song from Footballers’ Wives the musical released by Big Broad Productions to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of its premiere on ITV in 2002 and ahead of a planned stage musical production.

‘Don’t Lose It’ features West End star Alice Fearn (‘Wicked’, ‘Come From Away’) as vengeful and mercurial team captain’s wife, Tanya Turner. 

The track was orchestrated and produced by Auburn Jam Music. Don’t Lose It can be viewed here.

A musical comedy noir based on the cult guilty pleasure 1980s TV drama, ‘Footballers’ Wives – The Musical’ has a book by Maureen Chadwick, co-creator of the original TV series, and music & lyrics by Kath Gotts (also co-creators of ‘Bad Girls – The Musical’).

‘Footballers’ Wives – The Musical’ is based around the first TV season, and follows the fall and rise of captain’s wife and old school femme fatale super-bitch Tanya Turner as she struggles to keep her marriage to footballer and lothario, Jason Turner, amidst groupies, meddling club chairmen, deception, betrayal and murder. 

Let’s wind back to 2002 when Premier League Football was the new Rock ‘n’ Roll – with the money, the glamour and the bad behaviour to match. At Earls Park FC, the players’ wives are living it to the max. These WAGs have the designer gear, the palatial homes, the ash cars and the handsome superstar husbands – and the press pack on their kitten heels at every turn. 

‘Footballers’ Wives – The Musical’ contains scenes of an adult nature and absolutely no football, along with disastrous hen and stag nights, a fairy tale wedding, deception, betrayal, Catholic guilt, and murder – plus a surprisingly happy ending. 

It is based on the WBTVPUK series. Produced by special arrangement with Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures. Co-producers are Arden Entertainment and Sally Humphreys Productions. 

‘Game On!’ If you would like to hear more please Subscribe to the ‘Footballers’ Wives The Musical’ Youtube channel and be first to see and hear the follow-up song ‘Game On!’ – out 18th February 2022!


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