Watch stunning video featuring UK artists – A Chorus Line Reimagined

Choreographers Stephen Mear, Matt Cole, and Jane McMurtrie and 20 leading West End performers were gathered together to create this film – A Chorus Line Reimagined.

It’s hard to keep theatre folk from being creative. No matter how challenging the circumstance, creativity has been the thing that has kept many of us raising funds for the arts and showcasing the incredible talent the UK Arts Industry has to offer on all levels. A Chorus Line Reimagined brings together some great talents to perform this dynamic routine.

Seeing first-hand the impact this was having on theatres across the country Taylor Walker decided to gather a small team of creatives to create something magic. That magic was put to a backdrop of the 1985 motion-picture of A Chorus Line, focused on seventeen Broadway dancers auditioning for spots on a chorus line, and Bob Fosse’s Sing, Sing, Sing.

The project’s collaborators include renowned choreographers Stephen Mear, Matt Cole and Jane McMurtrie, as well as 20 leading and upcoming West End performers.

The result is a short film that aims to help raise awareness around our struggling theatres, with all funds raised from the film going towards The Kings Theatre in Portsmouth and the Actor’s Benevolent Fund; two companies who continue to give back to the community through the hardest of times.

So enjoy the film, share it with those you feel would appreciate, and consider donating to this page. DONATE HERE


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