Victoria Palace Theatre

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History of Victoria Palace Theatre:

The Victoria Palace Theatre began as a small concert room above the Royal Standard Hotel (built 1832). In 1850, the building was expanded and the room became Moy’s Music Hall. This moniker didn’t last long, and by 1863 it was called the Royal Standard Music Hall. The building saw subsequently demolished and rebuilt twice (1886 and 1910), with the new name of The Victoria Palace, presenting varieties and revues.

The music hall roots of the venue led to a mixed response when the theatre attempted to move towards a more mature output. For example, a patriotic play called Young England was so poorly received critically that it became a cult hit.

A return to revue proved more profitable, with productions such as Me and My Girl (1937), The Crazy Ones (a series of comedy revues 1947-1962), and the Black and White Minstrel Show (which played through the 1960’s to 1972). Musicals also proved to be successful for the theatre, with The Buddy Holly Story running for 13 years (transferring to the Strand Theatre in 1995).

This trend has continued into the 21st Century, with Fame, Grease, and the premiere of Billy Elliot.

Victoria Palace Theatre Seating Plan:

Victoria Palace Theatre Seating Plan
Victoria Palace Theatre Seating Plan

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