Prince Edward Theatre


History of Prince Edward Theatre:

The Prince Edward Theatre, named after the then Prince of Wales, opened on April 3 1930 with the musical Rio Rita. In 1935, the theatre was converted into a cabaret and dance hall and retitled the London Casino. It continued under that name and program until 1941, when an air raid badly damaged the building (including the destruction of all its windows).

It reopened in 1942 with stage alterations and a new name: the Queensbury All Services Club, with its shows broadcast on the BBC. After the war it was restored to its original theatrical use, once again under the name the London Casino. The same architects would later convert it into a cinema (the Casino Cinerama Theatre) in 1954.

After 20 years of operation, Bernard Delfont acquired the building (and installed a new screen in the process). However, the Casino Cinerama Theatre would only last a few more years and was converted back into a theatre (with its original name) in 1978.

The theatre quickly became the home of popular musicals, with productions such as Evita (a world premiere, and the renovated theatre’s inaugural performance), Chess, Anything Goes, Children of Eden, Some Like it Hot, and Crazy for You proving popular in the 1980’s and 90’s. The 21st Century has seen a continued musical presence in the theatre. Examples include the 5 year run of Mama Mia and the 4 year run of Mary Poppins.

Prince Edward Theatre Seating Plan:

Prince Edward Theatre Seating Plan
Prince Edward Theatre Seating Plan

Prince Edward Theatre News:

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