Apollo Victoria Theatre


History of Apollo Victoria Theatre:

Build in 1929 with an Art Deco style and a nautical themed interior, the Apollo Victoria opened on 15th October 1930. However, when it opened, it was called the New Victoria Cinema, showing a mixture of films and variety shows and moving into big band performances a couple of years later. In 1939, the cinema was chosen to present The Epsom Derby before closing in 1940 due to World War 2. Luckily, the building sustained minimal damage and it quickly reopened a year later.

After avoiding plans for demolition in the 1950’s, and several years presenting ballet, films, and live entertainment, the theatre presented its final films in November 1975; a horror double bill of Legend of the Werewolf and Vampire Circus. 1981 marked the opening of the building as the Apollo Victoria. Productions on The Sound of Music, Camelot, and Fiddler on the Roof were all presented in the early 1980’s, before the interior was heavily altered for Starlight Express. The modifications included a racetrack through the audience. Starlight Express ran for 18 years before the interior was restored and enhanced, creating the first auditorium completely lit with low power LED lights.

After productions of Bombay Dreams, Saturday Night Fever, and Movin’ Out, the theatre played host to Broadway smash hit Wicked in September 2006. The first eight performances broke ticket sale records, and in the seven years since it opened, it has grossed over £150 million.

Apollo Victoria Theatre Seating Plan:

Apollo Victoria Theatre Seating Plan
Apollo Victoria Theatre Seating Plan

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