Urinetown Holds Charity Gala for Water.org

Last Updated on 25th February 2016


On Monday 20 October, Urinetown will hold a special charity performance gala to support Water.org.

The gala will introduce a new collaboration with Water.org which aims to raise awareness about the real global water crisis that the world’s population is facing today.

Urinetown is a musical comedy set in a dystopian future where there is a water shortage is so great that peeing is a privilege. Director Jamie Lloyd said: “The best sort of theatre engages directly with the world. It may be great fun, but it should also be vital and apposite, and perhaps, instigate a broader discussion. Urinetown’s dystopian future does not have to be a prediction unless we make it so. We are delighted that the production can assist the mission of Water.org whilst keeping its audience laughing along the way”.

Water.org was co-founded by Matt Damon and aims to highlight the global water crisis. Water.org pioneers innovative, community-driven and market-based initiatives to ensure all people have access to safe water and sanitation — giving women hope, children health and communities a future.

This is set to be a fun night raising money for a great cause. To find out more visit the Urinetown Gala site.

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