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This week for Throwback Thursday we speak to Michael Quinn who transferred some of his stage talents into producing theatre, events and most recently Godspell online.

Michael Quinn
Michael in Starlight Express in Bochum

1) What was your first ever show that you did as a kid, and what was it that got you into the theatre world?
First time I ever performed for an audience onstage was as John Darling in Peter Pan at the hexagon theatre 1993 for E&B.
The year before this in 1992 my parents had taken me to see the local Panto which was staring Charlie Drake & Timmy Malet. I remember saying to my dad after the show that I wanted to be up on the stage and that I wanted to perform for a Panto crowd that seemed to love the theatre so much, Panto crowds are unlike any other and I will never forget that moment I first stepped on that stage.

2) You have toured all over the world with your show, ‘Swing With The King’. Where is your favourite venue/country to perform in and why?
I created the show for Cruise Ships and I have been so fortunate to work for so many wonderful cruise companies, The Ships have taken me to so many incredible countries, I love to travel and see the world, I think two of my favourite places I have visited with my show were Perth & Singapore.

Two totally different places, each one holding so many great stories and memories.

My favourite venue would be the main theatre onboard The Royal Princess (Princess Cruises) It’s huge and feels like your standing on a West End stage.

Michael Quinn
Michael and Claire Catini in Peter Pan at the Hexagon Theatre Reading

3) What is your process each night before you go on stage?
A Long shower, A good vocal and physical warmup, I listen to the original artists of the music I sing in the show to really put me in the right frame of mind and to inspire me. Just before I go on the stage I make sure I  see the band and wish them a great show, I take a couple of minutes on my own and then its showtime.

4) Tell us about one of your best/funniest memories on stage?
The funniest moment has to be when I was onboard a very high-end cruise ship for Seabourne and a group of ladies who came to all of my shows decided to treat me like Tom Jones and throw knickers at me at the end of the show, not the usual behaviour on one of these ships, I was in bits laughing, it was for sure the talk of the rest of the cruise with all the passengers lol.

My Best moment on stage has to be sharing the West End Piccadilly stage with Giles Terera back when I was only 22, playing opposite him in Jailhouse Rock, it was like a master class every night. No one has ever inspired me like that on stage.

5) How have you been keeping creative in lockdown?
Lockdown has been a very creative time in my life, I have turned my hand to producing. I started a new company called Ginger Quiff Media along with Producer Thomas Hopkins.

We have already produced The Godspell 50th Anniversary Online Concert and a beautiful play by Martin Sherman called Rose starring Maureen Lipman. We also have around 5 other projects that we are working on that will hopefully lead on to great success in this crazy time we are all experiencing in the world of theatre that is The New normal

6) What three things can we always find in your dressing room? I.e Lucky charms…things that help you on stage…blue m&ms..

1 Picture of my wife Patti and my little boy Presley.
2 Honey
3 port

7) What is your favourite Cast Album to listen to right now?
I’m actually listening to the original cast recording of next to normal a lot at the moment, I love the show and cast.

I’m also addicted to Ben Platt.

8) If your life were a musical what would it be called, and why?
The reinvention of Quinn.

The reason for this is because I’m always looking for something new. I like to think of myself as a grounded tree with a whole load of branches.

I obviously started as an actor and have been so lucky to be in so many incredible west end and touring shows.

My main love for the last 6 years has been creating, my company Michael Quinn Productions is responsible for creating over 15 full productions shows for theatres, concerts, corporates, cruise ships and events.

I love being busy and now to top it all off I have dived in at the deep end as a Producer with Ginger Quiff Media and I’m loving every second.

I love the idea of giving back to the industry and hopefully supporting actors with shows for the future.


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