We have a quick chat with Glen Facey about his career, inspirations and his journey to the stage of London’s Prince Edward Theatre in Mary Poppins.

Glen Facey

1)What was your first ever show that you did as a kid and what was it that got you into the theatre world?

My first show I did was Robin Hood and his Merry Men, where I played Robin Hood, and sang the famous song “Men in tights”

However, I never really understood the theatre world. I originally trained as a gymnast where I would complete nationally. But I never really enjoyed the lac of artistic flare. There was never any music, or the ability to create a character. This is what paved the way to dance

Glen Facey2)What are you working on now?

Before the start of lockdown I was currently half way though my contract of Mary Poppins in the west end. Playing the character “Valentine”

3) How are you keeping creative in lockdown?

I haven’t done very well in regards to keeping creative. I have only resorted to singing around the house and taking dance/fitness classes through instagram live.
When lockdown began I was part of a group that would do play reading over zoom meetings. I would recommend this to everyone.

4) What can we always find in your dressing room? 

I wouldn’t consider myself a sentimental person to be honest. However, I was given a present of a miniature “valentine doll” which sits pride of place in my dressing room.
That being said, I always have to brush my teeth at the 5-minute call!

5) If your life was a musical what would it be called? 
“Happy go lucky”

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