This week on Throwback Thursday we speak to Chloe Gentles who is currently appearing in C-O-N-T-A-C-T.

Chloe Gentles
Chloe Gentles
1) What was your first ever show that you did as a kid, and what was it that got you into the theatre world?
The first show I did as a kid was the nutcracker and I was the sugarplum fairy and I just loved everything about performing. I loved being on stage and singing. Also loved being a beautiful costume!

2) Things have changed a lot for everyone in the industry. Tell us about your audition and rehearsal process for ‘Contact’, and how it is different from your ‘usual’ process’ 
So how the audition process worked for CONTACT was I did a self tape of the material they wanted me to work on. Then a few days later I had a zoom recall which was about 6 minutes, with the director Samuel Sene, the Producer Mathilde Moulin and the casting director Jane Deitch. Then the next day I found out I had the job! So it was a very quick process, which I prefer.

Chloe Gentles
Chloe Gentles

3) How does the technical aspect of the show work and what’s it like performing outside?
So how the technical aspect of the show works is, as the audience member you download the app on your phone device then when you purchase a ticket, there will be a code given to you to out in your app. Then you plug in your headphones and off you go. As the performer it’s the exact same, I have in ear’s and I put that certain show code into my phone and press ready to perform so my stage manager knows I’m set in my starting position and then the show begins. Performing outside has been very interesting! You don’t have control of the weather or the people walking past so you just have to full amerce yourself into the character and show so that you do not get directed by outside influences.

4) What is your process each night when you get into character for a show?
So because I am the understudy, I only do the shows when I get called. But I have a cover run every week with the other understudy Louis Bernard and our associate Director Bronagh Lagan. So before I meet them, I go over all my previous notes from Bronagh the week before and my script with all my original notes from rehearsals and make sure I am happy with the changes, so that I can apply them to my next run.

5) Tell us about one of your best/funniest memories on stage?
One of the best memoires I have on stage was when I was in the show Avenue Q and I got to perform in the Hackney Empire theatre and it was the first time I was on for the role of Gary Coleman! Loved it!

The cast of C-O-N-T-A-C-T

6) How have you been keeping creative in lockdown?
During lockdown I have been learning how to play guitar, which has been really challenging! Also I have been getting involved with tiktoks and creating content for that! I also do my best to do a physical and vocal warm up everyday like you would do before a show!

7) What three things can we always find in your dressing room? I.e Lucky charms…things that help you on stage…blue m&ms..
Hmmm three things you can always find in my dressing room is: my little orange speaker! I always have to play a few tunes before a show no matter what! You will find watermelon. I love it! Lastly a ginger shot! Always have to one before I go on stage.

8) What is your favourite Cast Album to listen to right now?
My favorite cast album that I have on repeat right now, even whilst im writing this is 9-5 the musical! The new UK cast recording! I live for it!!

9) If your life were a musical what would it be called, and why?
ou got this GURL! I think this is because after the year everyone has had, I feel like I have become a lot stronger mentally, physically and spiritually! I have surprised myself on how strong I really am and I always do my best to keep it pushing no matter how hard times are. “I can go the distance”
10) What advice would you give to all the new graduates – both 2020 and upcoming 2021 grads?
I would say to new graduates DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep going! I know it is hard at times, believe me I know! But remind yourself why you started performing in the first place. Remind yourself why you love it and that you’ve come this far why give up now! Always believe in yourself. Stop worrying about what people thing of you because people will always have an opinion no matter what, so you are just best to do you and be true to who you are!
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