The Biograph Girl Musical Comes To Finborough Theatre

The Finborough Theatre is to present Warner Brown and David Heneker’s musical The Biograph Girl as part of their Celebrating British Music Theatre series.

The Biograph Girl Finborough Theatre

This will be the first professional UK production of The Biograph Girl since the shows UK premiere in 1980.  The Biograph Girl will run at the Finborough Theatre for a three week limited season from 22 May – 9 June 2018.

From the composer of Half A Sixpence, a joyous musical celebration of Hollywood’s glorious era of silent film –  beginning in 1912 when disreputable “flickers” are shown in fleapits and no self-respecting actor will appear in them, and ending in 1928 with movies now a glamorous, multi-million dollar industry and the first talking pictures signal the doom of silent films.

In a breath taking sweep of just sixteen years, the great innovative directors created filmmaking as we know it today, ground breaking movie moguls laid the foundations of the entertainment industry, and trail blazing actors launched the Hollywood star system.

Weaving together the heartbreaks and triumphs of the flawed genius director D. W. Griffith and the first movie stars Lilian Gish and Mary Pickford, The Biograph Girl is a love letter to the stardust and scandals of the silent movie era.

The cast for the Biograph Girl will star Matthew Cavendish as Sennett, Lauren Chinery as Dorothy Gish, Joshua C Jackson as Epping, Emily Langham as Lillian Gish, Sophie Linder-Lee as Mary Pickford, Jonathan Leinmuller as D W Griffith, Jason Morell as Bitzer and Zukor, Charlie Ryall as Rose, and Nova Skipp as Momma.

The libretto has been especially revised for this production by its original co-writer Warner Brown and includes – for the very first time – the reintroduction of songs cut from the West End premiere production.

The Biograph Girl is directed by Jenny Eastop.


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