The B*easts comes to the Edinburgh Festival

Last Updated on 6th July 2017

The B*easts at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Setting the modern obsession with putting your own child first against our responsibility as a society towards our children as a whole, this dark tale, written by and starring BAFTA award-winning actress Monica Dolan (W1A, Appropriate Adult, The Witness For The Prosecution), explores how far one mum will go to put what her child wants first.

Dolan’s first solo play, a searing ‘What If?’ production, explores the pornification of our culture and the sexualisation of our children. In a society where sexuality and gender are such a huge part of who we are, how we identify, and how we are defined, The B*easts looks at how soon is too soon to strive for perceived sexual ideals. Can the journey to reach that supposed perfection start before we are even consciously aware of the journey we have begun?

Written and performed by Monica Dolan, The B*easts is directed by John Hoggarth and designed by James Button.

The B*easts will be presented at Underbelly Cowgate (Big Belly) as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 3rd August at 18:00 (not 14th) and is suitable for ages 14+


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